Environmental Declaration

Over 70 years ago, we began with one factory, one product, and the singular vision of one man. Today we’re a leading manufacturer of specialty springs with operations across the world.
So believe us when we say, this spring can.


Stumpp Schuele & Somappa Springs, has taken a first step in this direction to address the climate change impact. The company has initiated the computation of their carbon footprint, in line with their commitment to reduce carbon emissions. It is our business agenda.

We have achieved this by using renewable energy.

Further more we are going in for the express feeder line and roof top solar installation.

Base Year - 2018 Most recent Year - 2023
Scope 1 emission in Tons 329.33 327.35
Scope 2 emission in Tons 6092 835

Our CO2e intensity (per unit of sales) was reduced by 89.6 % from 2018 to 2023.

Approx. 87% of our energy consumption is from renewable sources via PPA. Our target is to reduce CO2e intensity (per unit of sales) by 91 % by 2025.