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Beehive valve springs/ Bottle shape springs :

i)Less valve train reciprocating mass in motion : In valve springs using helical compression springs, the increase in the load at maximum compression (at full opening of the engine valve) results in an increase in friction and wear of the dynamic valve system, leading to increase in fuel consumption. Conversely, the possibility of a decrease in the load at maximum compression results in the possibility of improving fuel consumption due to the reduction in friction and wear. In order to reduce the load at maximum compression without lowering the rotation limit of the engine (dynamic valve system), it is necessary to decrease the mass of movable parts in a dynamic valve system A beehive valve spring reduces the mass of movable parts (retainers) in a dynamic valve system by adopting a spring shape where the diameter of the coil of the movable side (retainer side) of the spring is minimized. The term "beehive" is used because the shape is similar to a beehive.

ii)More stability, higher rpm, longer life and more horsepower

iii)Requires less spring pressure for better valve control

iv)Provides a double weight savings; reduces the weight of the spring and allows a smaller, lighter retainer.

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